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  I was graduated from xx xx college graduates, I have a bright and cheerful disposition, treat people sincerely, treat serious and responsible work, good at communication, coordination has the strong organization ability and team spirit; Lively and cheerful, optimistic and aspirant, has the compassion and good at teaching parallel; Self-motivated, diligently study can improve their ability and comprehensive quality. In future work, I will be with abundant energy, studies assiduously the spirit to work hard, steadily improve their ability to work, and the company synchronous development.

  Strong self-learning ability, self-study at school a lot of computer knowledge, can skilled assembling computer, know the computer maintenance, familiar with Windows, office software, familiar with the interne resources. Auto cad ps/" soft ware such as photoshop; Will be written in c language program in general.

  Solid professional knowledge, have positive work attitude, ability to work independently, and vastly team spirit, has the good cultural quality at the same time; Endowed with initiative, good people management and communication and coordination ability.

  I am strong adaptability, a strong sense of responsibility, hard-working unremittingly, and have good team spirit. After engaged in service industry, the assistant job, accumulated the rich service industry and management experience and excellent verbal and written communication skills. Able to skillfully operate word office software and equipment, in order to fit for the demand of the modern office, please give me a chance, I will also you to dazzling brilliance.

  Treat serious and responsible work, good at communication, coordination has the strong organization ability and team spirit; Lively and cheerful, optimistic and aspirant, has the compassion and good at teaching parallel; Self-motivated, diligently study can improve their ability and comprehensive quality. In future work, I will be with abundant energy, studies assiduously the spirit to work hard, steadily improve their ability to work. In the four years of work, in order to prudent working style, positive work attitude seriously, carefully to complete the job. I work steadfast, hard work, if lucky enough to be hired I will try my best to create benefits for your organization, to reflect their own ability and value.


  自学能力很强,在校自学了良多计较机常识,能谙练组装计较机,懂得计较机的维护,谙练操作windows、office办公应用程序,认识interne资本。会auto cad ps/' target='_blank'photoshop等应用程序;会用c语言编写一般法式。



  看待事情当真卖力,擅长沟通、协调有较强的组织能力与团队精力;活跃开畅、乐观长进、有爱心并擅长施教并行;长进心强、勤于进修能不竭提高自身的能力与综合本质。在将来的事情中,我将以充足的精神,吃苦研讨的精力来起劲事情,不变地提高本身的事情能力。 在4年的事情中,以谨严的事情作风,当真积极的事情立场,仔细完本钱职事情。本人事情结壮高中作文,吃苦耐劳,若有幸被任命我将会不遗余力为贵单元缔造效益,以绝情体现自身能力和价值。


  I had accept your elders and teachers of good ideological and moral education, strict with oneself, honest, hard working, be self-motivated, constantly in the university three years, after college half militarization management, make oneself become more strong. As a computer professional students, I love this professional and for its input great enthusiasm and energy.

  I thought positive progress, the personality is bright, the life style of rigorous, a strong sense of responsibility, handle affairs composed, persistence, can bear hardships and stand hard work, strong adaptability, have good psychological quality. I motivated actively seek, love the motherland, support the communist party of China, to the party organization actively, aligning with our great communist party of China. I still adhere to the four cardinal principles and reform and opening up policy, concerned, the state and society has a strong spirit of patriotism. Earnestly implement the school is rigorous, realistic, united, into the school motto, study the spirit of lei feng to help others, actively join some compulsory activity and insist on doing good to the society.

  In study, I study purpose, basic knowledge, and strive to achieve the balanced development of various aspects, in the process of learning, I pay attention to integrating theory with practice, although the practice is not enough, but I will strive to increase in the later work and study. In life, I am strict with myself, life is simple, life style is rigorous, take an active part in all kinds of beneficial social activities and carefully into the school organization activities, eager to participate in class activities.

  Love of learning, work sedate careful, can bear hardships and stand hard work, can work independently, reality get to work the ability and also has the group are synergetic spirit, have good professional ethics and sense of responsibility, can quickly adapt to various environment, and fuses. Accept ability is good, strong self-learning ability, good interpersonal relationship, this is my biggest advantage, it makes me can quickly learn what they need, and the application. Loves a challenge, confident, have the stronger team consciousness.


  本人思惟积极长进,性格开畅,糊口作风严谨,责任心强,处事沉稳、执着,能刻苦耐劳,顺应性强,具有优秀的生理本质。 本人积极要求长进,暖爱故国,附和中华共产党,积极向党的组织挨近,向我们巨大的中华共产党瞅齐。本人还对峙党的四项基来源根基则和鼎新开放政策、体贴国度和社会的年夜事,具有很强的爱国主义精力。当真贯彻黉舍严谨,求实,连合,入往的校训,进修雷锋助工钱乐的精力,积极插手一些义务勾当并对峙到社会上做功德。

  进修上,本人进修目的明确,根蒂根基常识扎实,并起劲做到各方面的平衡成长,在进修历程中,我注意理论与现实相连系,虽然实践不敷,可是我定会在以后的事情和进修中起劲增添. 糊口上十年后的我作文,本人严酷要求本身,糊口朴素,糊口作风严谨,积极到场各类有益的社会勾当,当真投进到黉舍的各项组织勾当中,踊跃到场班团体勾当。

  暖爱进修,处事慎重谨严,能刻苦耐劳,能自力完成事情、现实下手能力另外还具有集体协作精力,具有良好的职业品德和责任感,能迅速的顺应各类情况,并融合此中。 接管能力好,自学能力强,人际关系优良这是我最年夜的优点,它使我可以迅速的学到本身所需要的常识,并加以应用。喜欢挑战,自傲,有较强的团队意识。


  Hi, everybody! My name is XXX, this year 19 years old, is a Gemini girls. X class from electronic engineering department of automation.

  By face to face with self adjusting post match, let me know more about myself. About my character: I am friendly, serious, responsible, loyal to their duties, have the sense of responsibility. Principle of life is to be honest, other people can be honest with you. So the heavy friendship, attaches great importance to the relationship with friends. I ready to help others. Easy-going personality, willing to get along with people. Want to be a popular person. Social adaptation ability. Sensitive to interpersonal relationship, the people, to the thing, and better insight on the surrounding environment. I like to like to listen to, also like the pragmatic. With the spirit of perseverance, as long as I think I should do, no matter how difficult it will be to do. I do have very strong principle and flexible, respect the agreement. Is a standard Gemini girl like to stay in a quiet place to study work and life. Although I sometimes have a strong emotional reaction, but usually reluctant to personal feelings. My interests: my hobby is reading literature books, like the fable story, like detective fiction, but sometimes obsession and harm the eyes. The pursuit of nature, like to study in play in the way of life. Love ancient buildings, like that has a sense of place. I have very strong cur苹果ity to new things, and study on things you don't understand, have stronger ability to learn. I like the pragmatic, the pursuit of specific and clear. Rational thinking like according to actual situation. Pay attention to the details of things, like judging from the details. Skills: I have the ability to learn, because I am from vocational schools on me than my classmates many mastered the basic mechanical principle, mechanical manufacturing technology, mechanical manufacturing base,

  Mechanical drawing (including the basis of CAD application), literature common sense, and so on. Motor coordination ability strong, the incident response his swift, have very strong right control. Can move hand is strong, for small things quickly and have the right. In other ways, language expression ability is stronger, good at communication with people.

  I think the primary task of college students is to learn cultural knowledge, therefore I steadfastly, in the study did not relax. I think a good method of study is very helpful to learn knowledge, so after each test, I will summarize the learning experience. No pains no pains, no gains, nothing is impossible. Good optical knowledge on book is not enough. I think learning is the student's profession, the profession also needs to have the wisdom, perseverance and perseverance. In today's rapid development of information age, we only by constantly learning new knowledge, don't fall behind. College, rich and colorful social life and sleek and nervous learning atmosphere, I got many different levels of exercise and test; The attitude of calm and calm is my respond. The hobby is widespread makes me very enrichment; So many friends that I feel rich! I very strong dedication and sense of responsibility that I can face any difficulties and challenges.

  Thank you for your attention

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